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Ensuring your electrical and lighting systems are at optimum efficiency plays a large part in the overall productivity and cost of running your facility. A proactive and planned service of your electrical and lighting system reduces your total cost by lowering administration and energy costs, reducing system failures, lessening capital investment, and mitigating liability.

There is no standard like experience to analyze a situation and apply the correct solution within minutes of being on site. Our 24/7 response times are unparalleled. Within minutes of your phone call our staff is dispatched to your job-site, often with your solution in the back of the truck.

At Sawyer Services, we’re here to help. Our goal is to provide your commercial, industrial, or government facility with solutions that not only enhance electrical, lighting, safety, and security levels, but are also energy efficient and cost effective as well. Below are a few of the services we provide.




Retrofitting allows one to increase the energy performance of a building while decreasing capital expenditures. Sawyer Services accomplishes this through the installation of motor controls, panelboards, circuit breakers, and switchgear.



Lighting & Ballast Replacement

Sawyer Services provides replacement options for the lighting of your facility, the ballasts, and fixtures. These replacements can optimize energy for any type of facility, including commercial, industrial, and government buildings. 

Lighting and Ballast Replacement

Exit and Emergency Lighting

Exit & Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is not only a highly regulated service, but is also important to the safety of your facilities. Sawyer Services knows these regulations and is able to increase the safety of your facility through proper emergency lighting installation and repair.



Lighting Protection

One of the services that makes Sawyer Services unique is Lightning Protection. Our electricians are trained and certified from Harger University to provide Lightning Protection installation for almost any application.

Receptacle Repair and Replacement

New Construction Electrical

New Construction Electrical

Sawyer Services understands the importance of doing something right the first time, and this is especially true for any construction project. Thus, we provide expert electricians to see the electrical build of a new construction project through to completion.



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