Sawyer Services


About Us


Sawyer Services is a woman- and minority-owned electrical contractor dedicated to serving you. Mrs. Sawyer, the president & founder of Sawyer Services, Inc., is the third generation in the electrical industry, providing a wide array of experience in the design, installation, management and maintenance of lighting, electrical, and sign systems in order to achieve significant energy cost savings and more efficient facility operations. We will get the job done on time and minimize revenue loss, all while upholding our top-notch safety protocols. We service commercial, industrial, and government facilities.


Troop Support

We Support Our Troops!

Sawyer Services has the utmost respect for those that serve our country in the military, and we strive to do whatever we can to show this respect. Sawyer Services has hired a significant amount of veterans for work. We also regularly send care packages to our troops in order to brighten their days and tell them that what they're doing means the world to us.